Arcade Hole APK 1.0.11

Arcade Hole APK 1.0.11

The Arcade Hole APK is for you if you enjoy IO games. Have fun playing a game where you can transform into a black hole that can consume anything for money.

Download Arcade Hole APK – Eat Items

We can now play a variety of mobile games. To give players the flexibility of choice, developers create a variety of games across a range of genres.

However, IO or casual games are suit you if you prefer playing straightforward yet addictive games. In one of these games called Arcade Hole, you take on the form of a black hole.

This game may be the weirdest one you’ve played so far, despite the fact that you’ve played many of odd games. You’ll transform into a cash-generating black hole in this place, capable of consuming a wide variety of diverse objects.


Apart from the fact that you can turn various items into money, there are no goals or enemies in the game. Then, you can improve a number of features, including the radius, speed, and capacity. You can expand in this game to consume larger stuff for more money by expanding your size and eating capacity.

Become a Black Hole

We will undoubtedly like playing the various types of games that are offered today without charge. There are numerous options for you to choose from if you enjoy playing various game genres.

There are many of free games available to play, including simulation and action games. You can even take pleasure in casual games, which are entertaining and easy enough to play anywhere. Try out the enjoyable IO game Arcade Hole right away if you’re seeking for a new casual game to play.

Even though you’ve likely played casual games before, you’ll find this one to be unique. In this game, you transform into a black hole that can consume any kind of in-game item.

But because you have a limit, you can’t consume everything, thus you need to become bigger. You have no restrictions on how many things you can consume here and then exchange for money. But you can also increase your capacity, speed, and radius.

You can play this entertaining and straightforward game whenever you’re bored. Give it a try right away—you could become addicted!


Arcade Hole Features

Become a black hole

Today, there are a wide variety of free games available for us to find. There are numerous types of them, including racing, action, and adventure.

If you become bored easily, there are many of entertaining games available to play. You may download Arcade Hole right now and transform into a black hole that suffocates everything in your path if you enjoy casual games.

In the game, you can eat a variety of things, each with a different value that can be exchanged for cash. You can swallow the numerous things in this area, each of varying sizes, but initially you will only be able to ingest a certain amount. For greater item capacity, you must increase your stats like speed, radius, and capacity.

There are no tedious quests that are required to be completed in this entertaining game. Due to its originality and accessibility, this entertaining game can be played whenever you want.


Download Arcade Hole APK – Latest version

By consuming everything in your path, you can become wealthy in Arcade Hole! Pay with diamonds right away.











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