Black Border APK 1.3.09

Black Border APK 1.3.09

To live the genuine life of a border patrol agent, download Black Border APK limitless money. It boasts amazing 3-D visuals and sound systems.

In-Depth Analysis of Black Border Cop Simulator

Bitzooma Game Studio sells Black Border Patrol APK, a simulation game. You get the opportunity to, albeit briefly, lead a border patrol officer’s life. With its three-dimensional graphics, you have an unforgettable, immersive experience.

It’s has a distinctive plot that gives a thrilling overview of what border patrol officers go through on a daily basis. You will look over each passenger’s documentation, detain anyone who are smuggling goods, and guard against corruption.

You may select the tale mode with various endings, which is even better! The result of the game is thus influenced by your decisions. Only 77M in size, Android 6.0 or higher is required for the game to function properly.

An Intriguing Game Background

The Modland War starts to end in 1989. This terrible struggle has been going on for years. Until the conclusion of the war in 1996, the borders remained closed.

The factory workers who were left without jobs after they closed decided to cross the border into Modland in quest of employment.

They encounter antagonism from the armies of Modland, and soon a new form of conflict – a struggle against the immigrants – begins. As a border patrol agent, this is where Black Border APK’s narrative starts.

You’ll have to figure out what the immigrants are trying to smuggle because some of them will have dubious missions. Others might offer you bribes to cross the border, but don’t let them get away with it!


An Engaging Gameplay

The fun and captivating gameplay in Black Border APK will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fast-paced gameplay necessitates nimble reactions and astute decision-making abilities.

You’ll keep an eye out for anyone trying to cross the border illegally and people who are smugglers. You must detain them and seize their possessions when you come across one.

However, take caution! These traffickers won’t give up without a fight. To elude the reach of the law, they will stop at nothing. You’ll engage in a variety of tasks, such as:

Check the Entrant’s Passports

Before allowing a passenger to cross the border, you must make sure they are all in possession of the proper documentation. Recognise counterfeit or stolen documents with care.

Conduct Whole Body X-rays

This will enable you to find any prohibited objects that might be concealed from the person. Additionally, make sure you measure each competitor’s height and weight.

Restraint and Arrest Suspects.

Don’t be afraid to take terrorists and smugglers into custody when you find them.

Highly Diverse Game Modes

Multiple ways to play are available in this game. There are three game modes available: casual, endless, and story.

For individuals who just want to have fun playing without caring about winning, the casual mode is ideal. You won’t have any objectives in this mode; your only goal is to have fun.

Smugglers and immigrants must be continually watched out for in the unending mode. Your score will increase the more fish you capture.

For individuals who want to completely immerse themselves in a game where their decisions affect how it ends, the story mode is ideal. Trying to stay alive will require you to make quick decisions.


For any fan of simulation games, the Black Border Patrol Simulator game is a requirement. It has captivating 3D graphics, an engaging UX/UI, and a variety of game styles.

With the version, you can use the expensive features without having to pay for them. Now is the time to download the Black Border Patrol Simulator APK and start playing.


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