Bulu Monster APK 10.0.6

Bulu Monster APK 10.0.6

Download the most recent version of Bulu Monster APK for Android for free, then gather all the monsters you want to use in battle! In this large globe, develop your creatures and get new ones.

RPG culture never ceases to fascinate. It’s impossible to play every game in this genre because there are so many of them. Even still, a lot more games are still being released every year in this category. Pokémon, a prominent franchise, is one of the most well-known.

Bulu Monster is perfect for you if you enjoy monster-collecting video games. This game is an RPG that Sigma Game Limited developed. Everyone enjoys the well-liked game with over 5 million installs! Your objective in this game is to become Bulu Island’s top monster trainer. You’ll need to gather a ton of monsters, level them up, and battle other trainers to do this. There are a ton of maps to explore, trainers to battle, and a ton of monsters to gather!

Intro to Bulu Monster

There’s a good possibility that you’ve heard of Pokémon if you were a child throughout the 1990s, 2000s, or even now. After all, this popular series has inspired a plethora of films, television shows, and video games! Similar games were sure to take off on the mobile marketplaces in due time.

A Pokémon-inspired game with its own distinctive qualities is called Bulu Monster. You can gather 150 different monsters in this area. On top of that, you may train them and compete against other trainers on 14 different maps! Continue the plot to save your companion Rania. There are a ton of things to gather and locations to explore. As the greatest trainer ever, are you prepared to face Bulu Island?

Features of Bulu Monster

Collect incredible monsters

Adventures abound in the RPG world, which is what makes it so compelling. If you’re a Pokémon fan, Bulu Monster will leave you speechless! You can gather 150 different creatures here in all. These monsters each have unique stats and abilities. In addition, you can develop their skills by training and upgrading them. This will let you battle a variety of foes, including over 50 NPC trainers! But monster hunting is more difficult than fishing! You must track them down and capture them deftly. It takes a long time to adjust, but it is ultimately worthwhile.


Variety of maps 

There are 14 maps in this game that you may explore. Numerous monsters who believe each map to be their home can be found there. It’s up to you to open every map and take on more powerful foes! You can go around this area and explore the map however you like. You can also accomplish goals to earn rewards, though! Now, follow along as you strive to become Bulu Island’s top trainer.

Wonderful Story

Saving your monster pal Rania is Bulu Monster’s major goal. To finish the game, you must gradually fulfill a ton of missions and objectives here. You receive a set of rewards for completing each mission, allowing you to level up your monsters. To level up, use your resources properly.


The game’s 3D graphics are comparable to those found in Pokémon games. You will, however, enjoy the improved graphics that are more vibrant and responsive to mobile devices. Additionally immersive, the battles have many animations and skill effects!

Bulu Monster Mod APK – Unlimited Lubu Points

Bulu Monster is a fantastic game that lets you battle other trainers and catch monsters! Get the most recent version right away.

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