Cooking Diary APK 2.13.1

Cooking Diary APK 2.13.1

Become the greatest restaurant manager of all time by downloading Cooking Diary APK – Latest version – Free for Android. Be the best you can at cooking!

Games involving cooking are prevalent. Many people enjoy eating and cooking! Because of this, the culinary genre has been the subject of a plethora of films, television shows, and even video games. This game is fantastic if you enjoy cooking.

There have been over 10 million downloads of MYTONA’s cooking simulation game Cooking Diary from the Google Play Store! You’ll take over as your own restaurant’s chef in this game! In your grandpa’s absence, you will take over as the restaurant’s chef and endeavour to keep it open. You will be responsible for preparing meals in accordance with the requests of the customers. In addition, this fantastic game offers a tonne of other activities. To learn more, keep reading.

What is Cooking Diary?

For the majority of people, cooking has always been a topic of fascination. It’s clear from our forefathers that humans enjoy cooking. Our ability to cook also improved as technology advanced. Cooking still has some unique characteristics that robots can’t quite replicate. For this reason, many people still find cooking to be interesting. This game is great for those who enjoy cooking.

Features of Cooking Diary


Cook dishes

For the majority of people, cooking has always been an intriguing topic. Our forefathers are proof that people enjoy cooking. And as technology evolved, so did our cookery. However, there are still some elements of cooking that technology cannot replicate. This is why cooking is still a topic of interest to many people today. This game is great if you enjoy cooking.

Cooking for the clients in Cooking Diary is your main responsibility. You must diligently and accurately follow each customer’s individual order. Customers will be irate if you don’t, and your reputation will be ruined. You will, however, make more money and attract more clients if you are a good cook. In order to serve more guests, you’ll need to prepare additional meals as you grow.

Manage dozens of restaurants

We are aware that a restaurant’s success in real life is indicated by its abundance of branches. It’s identical in Cooking Diary! As you advance, you’ll gradually add more restaurants after starting with one. Numerous eateries that you can design however you like can be opened all around Tasty Hills. Your decision as to how to handle it is your own, but you must do so in order to meet the demands.


Various pets from Tasty Hills are available for friendship. This is going to make the game a lot of fun. Make friends with as many of them as you can.



You can participate in a tonne of contests around the city while playing this game to gain rewards and establish your reputation. By succeeding in these competitions, you can gain popularity and attract lots of clients.


Decorating your restaurant is one of its beauties! In Cooking Diary, you may furnish your dining establishment anyway you choose. You can improve your tools, cooking tools, and more.

Impressive graphics

Owning a restaurant is beautiful because of the decor! You can design your restaurant however you like in Cooking Diary. You can improve your tools, cookware, and other things.

Cooking Diary APK

Creating and running your own restaurants is possible in the fantastic food game food Diary. right away, download the limitless cash


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