Cooking Fever APK 18.1.1

Cooking Fever APK 18.1.1

To put your cooking and serving talents to the test, download the most recent version of Cooking Fever APK for Android. Are you prepared to meet the demand?

Many people seem to enjoy cooking as a hobby. When they are tense, it seems to make them feel better. However, for some people, it was their boyhood fantasy to work as a chef in a five-star restaurant. Do you still dream about that?

A Real Deal Chef

Still hold onto that dream! Cooking Fever APK for Android is a great way to practise your cooking techniques in the interim. As you attempt to run your own restaurant, your ability to cook and manage will be put to the ultimate test. Think you possess the necessary cooking abilities?

You can live out your aspirations of being a top-notch chef in this game. Prepare meals that will make your clients want to return for more. Additionally, you will be able to select the type of restaurant you want, such as a fast food joint or an Asian eatery. As you prepare mouthwatering new dishes for diners, your culinary prowess will be put to the test.

Additionally, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge of cooking utensils because you’ll come across every type of kitchen tool imaginable, including toasters, coffee makers, popcorn makers, and many more. Each level will inevitably get harder as more clients run out of patience and demand sophisticated orders. You must step up your game to keep up with the constantly increasing expectations. Will you be able to do it?

Manage Your Own Place

You can explore running a restaurant in addition to being a cook in Cooking Fever. You can quickly discover that managing your own property is more difficult than making a hard-boiled egg. To draw customers, you should also consider the food, furniture, and fixtures in the store. Consider how you may persuade your clients to tell their friends how amazing your meal is!

But be prepared for a surge of clients because rush hour is a hassle to navigate. People get upset when their orders are overlooked and when mistakes are made, just like in actual restaurants all across the world. Be very attentive while you cook so that you surpass their expectations. To help customers identify your business with positive experiences, you can also give them presents like butter cookies. More restaurants will be possible for you to have the better your customer service is.


Features of Cooking Fever

We’ll go through every feature this game offers so you can fully understand how fantastic this software is. We guarantee that this will pique your interest even if you don’t enjoy cooking. Who knows, after playing the game, you might even feel motivated to cook!

Variety of food delicacies

Serving a variety of food to guests is one of the nicest parts of operating a restaurant! You can choose from more than 1300 recipes made with 350 different components in Cooking Fever! The only restriction is your passion for preparing more varied meals for guests.


We understand that cooking is difficult, so the game gives you currency and experience for each dish you successfully serve. Earn levels by completing assignments to advance in the game. You’ll gain experience in this game that you can use to unlock a variety of goods the more effective and skilled you are.

1400 levels 

Yes, you did read that correctly. There are 1,400 levels in this game for you to complete. Additionally, you can play through previously finished levels again to gather more coins. Talk about a cooking experience that never ends. You’ll probably have a compulsive need to finish every stage.

Unique locations

Customers visit restaurants for more than just the cuisine; they also want a pleasant atmosphere. The only way to accomplish this is in gorgeous settings! You can select from a variety of theme restaurants in this game, including salad bars, bakeries, Italian restaurants, and more. You’ll learn about the operations of several restaurant types. Everything is a useful learning opportunity.

Upgrade items 

To effectively serve your growing consumer base, you must also modernise your equipment. The gold you earn can be used to update your kitchen appliances, which will speed up everything. An item may be upgraded a maximum of three times.

Cooking Fever APK

Try downloading the become the best chef instantly if you don’t want to work hard to rise to the top.


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