Draw It Story APK 1.2.5

Draw It Story APK 1.2.5

Love to solve puzzles? Download Draw It Story right away and take advantage of the many stages where you may solve difficult puzzles by just sketching particular objects.

There are many various kinds of puzzle games available right now. You can choose from a variety of games if you wish to play something special. But it appears that drawing puzzle games, in which you can answer every problem by simply sketching, are the most popular theme right now. One of these genres that is quite well-liked today is Draw It Story, a game that may be a lot of fun for you. Here, you can take advantage of a variety of difficult difficulties.

You can only complete these stages by using your imagination and by drawing a certain object. For instance, you could need to draw a girl’s rucksack so that she can travel with her husband. You may also draw the girl a hat to protect her from the sun’s rays. You’ll encounter a variety of scenarios here that you must all resolve. You can always ask for a hint, though, if things seem too challenging.

Draw and Solve

In recent years, the puzzle genre has undergone tremendous change. There are many excellent and unique puzzle games available right now. Back then, we were only familiar with board games, checkers, and other puzzle games like Chess. However, they have changed so much in the present that they no longer even resemble puzzle games. But if you prefer playing puzzle games that involve sketching, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate playing Draw It Story right now because it has all of the best game scenarios.

By applying careful thought to the puzzle situation, you can finish it in this game. Here, you must find solutions to a variety of problems, such saving a woman from a shark by sketching a life preserver on it. You’ll also need to design a flag in order to sail in one level. Then there is a stage where you have to get your wife another cleaning supply. As you can see, there are a tonne of enjoyable levels available right now that you’ll like playing.

If you’re experiencing trouble, you can also ask for a hint at this point. But remember that they are currency

Draw It Story Features

Unique Puzzle Game

We deal with a number of challenges every day in the modern world. Since we are all flawed, there is not a single person on Earth today who is free from difficulties. But you can play Draw It Story right now if you want to quickly find solutions to these issues. You may now conquer difficult stages that are all different just by drawing something! Every level in this game presents you with a different situation that requires your wits to resolve.

There are a lot of puzzles available these days for you to enjoy. However, in this game, you can simply sketch to quickly complete each level. You can experience a variety of settings in this game that will put your knowledge and talents to the test. Here, you require


Dozens of Levels 

You may play this game right now and confront a tonne of difficult stages. You’ll encounter and attempt to resolve some unusual scenarios here today. One involves drawing a man’s hair so that he looks good in front of a girl. Another one asks you to draw a bridal gown to shield a girl from embarrassment, among other things. You can play a lot of entertaining levels right now if you want to. You must push yourself to think critically and solve the puzzles in this situation. However, there are occasions when the problems get harder as you go along.

Draw to Solve

You can draw on the screen to solve the problems in this game. Here, completing the levels requires merely drawing a specific object. You can try to draw as much as you like, but you can only move on after drawing the correct object. You can have fun right now playing this game and drawing numerous items simultaneously.

Unlock Hints 

Even the most intelligent individuals don’t always have all the answers to their difficulties. You’ll encounter levels in this game that are challenging to complete. Fortunately, there are hints available that you can utilise to quickly complete the level. However, because they are expensive, only use them when necessary.

Download Draw It Story APK – Latest version

These days, puzzle games with drawings are popular. Play Draw It Story right now and solve several puzzles.




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