Game of Sultans APK 4.802

Game of Sultans APK 4.802

It’s a great burden to rule an empire. Download Game of Sultans right away if you want to follow up with it. Make a lot of progress and rule your kingdom.

The duty of a king is to govern and prosper his realm. Although it frequently entails a lot of duty, it also has many benefits. One benefit is the opportunity to meet various people, including future partners! You can manage your kingdom as a sultan in the game Game of Sultans. Making decisions about regional affairs, forming alliances with other countries, and meeting gorgeous women all happen here.

Rule as a Sultan

There are still nations with monarchy systems of government in the modern world. In these nations, kings, queens, and sultans rule and govern their respective nations. They are in charge of establishing connections with foreign countries and overseeing all domestic affairs. Play Game of Sultans now if you want to be treated like royalty. You can do both in this game, which also allows you to assume a lot of responsibility.

Rule the country by ascending to the position of sultan of the Ottoman Empire. As you prepare to rule the globe, take control of all regional and global matters. Additionally, there will be passionate women from royal families that you may get to know and build relationships with. Additionally, you’ll be able to dress impressively and immaculately for any situation to make you appear the part. In this situation, your ability to run your kingdom and repel invaders is required.

Aside from that, there are events like Base Hunts and battles against live players all around the world. Gain rewards by showcasing your country’s might. Plan to conquer a number of nations by producing strong heirs to the throne


Game of Sultans Features

Manage a Kingdom

It’s not simple to be the leader of a big country. It requires maturity in judgement, leadership, and management. For the sake of your kingdom, you must maintain your position despite opposition. You’ll serve as the Ottoman Empire’s sultan in the game “Sultans”! This implies that in addition to establishing ties with other countries, you will be in charge of overseeing everything that occurs within the country.

In addition, you must compete in PVP battles to demonstrate your strength. Go on conflicts as well and win over powerful nations to gain more supporters. You must here raise your riches, grains, and soldiers. When playing, you must never forget about your country! Attempt to subjugate other countries while defending your own

Handle local and international affairs

As a ruler, you will have a lot of duties that require your attention. You will have to perform numerous tasks both inside and outside of your country. In addition, you can level up your Viziers and get more of them by doing so! You must work to increase their levels and open up a variety of talents because they have distinct roles. They will all support you in your efforts to rule the world!

Meet potential loversĀ 

As a ruler, you must also consider your heirs and the destiny of the kingdom. You’ll have to consider meeting possible partners in the game, like Felicia, Halima, and others, as a result. Select the ideal partner for you to have children with! You can go on dates and become closer to a number of people through this game. You’ll wed one eventually.

Raise heirs

You’ll need kids in the game if you want to maintain your bloodline. For them to be appropriate heirs to the throne, you must raise them. Get them ready for their future as royalty and for their destiny.

Game of Sultans APK

Enjoy Game of Sultans, the ultimate empire simulation game, right now! Control it and make it bigger.




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