Mob Control APK 2.54.2

Mob Control APK 2.54.2

Download the most recent version of Mob Control APK to increase your player count and outwit your rivals. Simple stick figure characters and color-themed designs are featured.

About Mob Control APK

A VOODOO arcade game is called Mob Control. It tests your ability to lead a group of stick figure characters, defeat rival teams, and collect prizes.

There is not a lot of stress associated with the game. It has a white background with characters that are vividly coloured. The controls are comparatively easy to use, and the entire design is aesthetically beautiful.

Gather a Big Mob

You’ll only have a small cast of characters at your disposal when the game first starts. As you advance, though, you will fast make more money. To do this, make sure you continually defeat your opponents and take on new tasks.

You will be able to raise your mob by doing this and earning multiplier factors. The x4 multiplier, for instance, gives you four times as many characters as you did at the beginning!

You will be unstoppable if there is a sizable enough mob. Obtain control of various spheres on the map to emerge as the supreme victor.

Gate/Portal Controlled Gameplay

Special gates and portals are available in this game, which you can take advantage of. By cracking them open, you can add more stick figures to your team.

After crossing through the gate, the stickmen that had assembled become specialised weapons. In addition to giving your team a speed boost, they will destroy any opponents that stand in their way.

A battle’s momentum can swiftly change as a result of this dynamic, which makes for some highly exciting moments. Take care when using the portals, and after calling your troops, make sure to shut them down!

This is a game of numbers, so keep that in mind at all times. If you want to win, you need to have more characters than your rivals. You must therefore take advantage of any chance to expand your crew.


Color-Coded Teams

There are two colours in this game: blue and red. Your adversaries will be on the red team, which you will be in control of.

Because it makes it simple for you to recognise your targets, this separation is essential. The contrast between the colours and the basic white and sky-blue backgrounds also results in a more pleasing visual experience.

Destroy the Enemy’s Base

Taking out the enemy’s base is your top priority. You need to get rid of all of their characters first in order to do this.

A huge red portal will start to emerge once the field is clean. Send as many stickmen through it as you can to infiltrate the adversary’s base.

The next step is for your stickmen to start destroying anything they see. Until it explodes, the base will gradually disintegrate. Only by doing this can the game be won. To win, carefully consider your attacks and make use of every weapon at your disposal.


The Mob Control APK is a fantastic arcade game that provides countless hours of entertainment. For those who like strategy games with a distinctive twist, it is ideal. You’ll have access to more advanced gaming features if you download the version. Play it now and take advantage of the excitement and fun it offers.


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