Planner 5D APK 2.3.5

Planner 5D APK 2.3.5

For Android, get the free latest version of Planner 5D APK. Make your ideal home a reality with this software for home design.

Are you prepared to settle down in your own house? Have you ever been tasked with creating a model or design for a house for another reason? Here is an immediate fix for those problems, regardless of the cause. Introducing Planner 5D: Home & Interior Design Creator.

With this programme, you are able to model and create your own home at will in both 2D and 3D versions. In the fields of architecture, design, and real estate, this tool is incredibly helpful.

Using Planner 5D

The user interface of Planner 5D is simple to operate. As a result, consumers have no difficulty utilising the software. Here are several different ways you can use and design your dwellings.

An intuitive user interface is included in Planner 5D. Users have no difficulties utilising the app because of this. The various home design and usage options are listed below.

A floor plan for your house should be made first. What should its dimensions be, and how big will it be?

Furniture and various other accents and decorations can then be added. Just drop items into position by dragging them. All pieces can also have their sizes altered to meet the overall shape and proportions of your home design. There is always new d├ęcor to use as the app’s item catalogue is updated frequently.

Additionally, there are countless combinations of colours and textures available.

Most importantly, with the Virtual Reality mode, you may tour and physically feel your properties.

Planner 5D Features

You can use either 2D or 3D to edit and see all designs. Utilise the Virtual Reality Mode to further immerse yourself in the event.

Review the catalogues and list of all the items that can be used in your creations.

Use the Snapshots function to take realistic pictures as well. The Gallery Mode lets you see each of these.

A completely free catalogue is available, along with five custom textures.

You can create an infinite variety of projects at any time.

The Planner 5D app can also be used at any time, from any location, and with no restrictions, both online and offline.

There are more than a hundred possibilities to choose from in the item catalogue.

The app is also compatible with a variety of platforms and gadgets and can sync with them.


Go Premium

With the Planner 5D Premium version, you can also upgrade. Nevertheless, costs will change based on circumstances and subscription. Additionally, the costs are as follows for complete access to the Planner catalogues:

It will cost $6.99 for a 30-day subscription.

Regular users can access the site for a full year for $15.99; students can access it for $9.99.

Furthermore, a one-time cost of $24.99 is required for a complete premium subscription.

So, you can choose one of the packages. Or, just continue reading for an even more practical way to get premium.

Planner 5D APK Free Download

You can get even more additions when downloading the updated APK in addition to the features already stated. You will get access to one AMAZING benefit with the version that will surpass those of any other software adaptation.

You can use all features of Planner 5D APK full version without being constrained by a pay wall. When selecting this version, you have free access to the entire application. Therefore, you are aware of the appropriate app adaptation to install. Install it right away on Android.

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