PUBG New State APK

PUBG New State APK

PUBG Mobile fan? You’ll fall more in love with PUBG: New State APK! This game debuts cutting-edge visuals, playability, gunplay, and numerous other features.

One of the most popular gaming genres nowadays is battle royale, which includes various titles including Fortnite, PUBG, Rules of Survival, and many others. Players now have a wide range of options when it comes to shooting games thanks to this. But if you’re dissatisfied with the available battle royale games, it’s time to download PUBG New State instead! This is an advancement over the beloved PUBG game. This video game is set in the technologically advanced year 2051.

This is a brand-new game that was created by the PUBG Studio, the team behind the popular game PUBG, and published by Krafton. Other mobile games can’t even match to its ultra-realistic graphics, according to the developer! Additionally, the distinctive PUBG weapon attachment system lets you modify your weapons. Then, you can take advantage of a wide range of activities, like drone calls, help requests, evading, and many more. Here, you can take advantage of brand-new cars and a more realistic game environment.

New and Improved

The finest games to play right now if you believe you have what it takes to shoot and live are battle royale ones. As a result of the prevalence of battle royale games, the genre is currently quite popular. These games are popular now because they provide each participant with an equal opportunity to succeed. This is due to the fact that players must gather resources on the ground rather than equipping them beforehand. This is a crucial element in how well-developed the players’ talents are now.

Additionally, there are other elements that make battle royale games nowadays so much fun. This also refers to the enormous map on which everyone will congregate and play. All current battle royale games have huge starting landscapes where players can land at random. Then, they will gather a variety of supplies, including tools, armor, and other things that can be of assistance to you. In addition, you may quickly take use of a variety of features like skins, new weaponry, and more.

You may now play PUBG in a new and enhanced way thanks to PUBG New State. In essence, this game has more lifelike graphics that make it feel and appear like you’re playing on a console! The level of detail and the cutting-edge, futuristic automobiles here

PUBG New State Features

You’ll appreciate outstanding features in this game! Download PUBG New State right away to start using these fresh features:


The Ultimate Battle Royale

Since its meteoric rise in 2017, the battle royale game genre has dominated the mobile gaming market. You can now take advantage of a variety of them from various companies, each with their own special advantages. In addition, players are growing weary of the old games with antiquated graphics. However, you can get a fresh and better experience with PUBG New State. In essence, the designers aimed to produce a fresh experience that would give players the impression that they were playing on a console!

The year 2051, when the game is set, is one of disorder and chaos. However, you can experience mind-blowing next-generation graphics right here. You can notice more details like glasses, shadows, doors, trees, and many other things thanks to the exciting graphics. In addition, you’ll be able to use futuristic designs and products like drones, cars, air support, electric trains, and many others. Additionally, you can take advantage of the same gameplay while using freely customizable weaponry.

Ultra-Realistic Graphics 

PUBG is now one of the greatest games in terms of graphics. It surpasses various games from today, including Rules of Survival, Free Fire, and others. But right now, you can take advantage of next-generation graphics with PUBG New State! Here, the character designs have greatly improved, and the shadows are more noticeable. Enjoy the realistic gameplay that makes PUBG so unique right now.

This ridiculous level of realism is made possible by the global illumination technology used by the PUBG Studio. You can now benefit from quite a few aspects of the game as a result.

Dynamic Gunplay

Additionally, you can play the game you like with essentially the same gameplay. You can play in third person, switch between weapons quickly, and shoot and aim while doing so. In addition, you can alter your guns in this new game to better suit your requirements. Here, you have access to a special weapon attachment system that lets you swap out the guns’ nozzles, suppressors, and many other components. This enables users to design a rifle specifically for their needs.

Interactive Gameplay 

You can also take use of the brand-new features, including the drone calls, in this game. As a result, you can use drones to provide some aerial assistance. The ability to avoid and the appeal for support are also present. The more recent cars and the electric railway system are very enjoyable.

Expansive Universe

You can now get a newer and more sophisticated shooting experience in PUBG New State. Here, you can take use of more recent maps, design places, and other stuff.

Download PUBG New State APK – Latest version

PUBG New State offers the finest shooting experience ever. There are several cutting-edge features available to you in this area.

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