Rainy Attic Room APK 1.4.0

Rainy Attic Room APK 1.4.0

The objective of Rainy Attic Room APK is to support a depressed acquaintance. You can help him out by ordering food, opening the window, upgrading the room, and more!

Rainy Attic Room APK – Help a Friend

You can currently enjoy a number of different games. Battle royale, MOBA, RPG, action, shooting, racing, and a tonne more fantastic games are all available for download right now.

There are a tonne of genres available right now for whatever type of game you wish to download. However, why not give BORAme’s Rainy Attic Room a shot if you’re searching for something new?

The objective of this game is to assist your melancholy friend in getting well, which makes it a little different from others. This person needs a companion at first since he is stranded in the attic attempting to think about life.

You can hear their story while engaging with the room’s numerous artefacts in this location. To make the space more inviting, you can clean the floor, the room, and the spider webs. You can take on a variety of duties as the days go on to get to know your friend better!

Help a Friend

We can now have a lot of fun playing many different games. There are a lot of casual games available for you to enjoy right now if you enjoy playing them. You can have fun right now by playing one of the many fantastic games available.

The simplicity and lack of demands on your time make casual games enjoyable to play. To become a friend to someone who is depressed is your objective in Rainy Attic Room.

People who suffer from depression are in a state of extreme negativity. You can talk to a depressed person who has experienced a lot in this game.


Rainy Attic Room Features

Help a friend

The technology behind mobile games has advanced significantly over time. You may now play mobile games that have visuals and gameplay resembling those seen in consoles. You will be amazed by the great battle royale games available right now.

Clean the room

There are several things you may do every day to help the person overcome their depression. Daily room cleaning is one of the best things you can do.

It’s been said that your environment can influence how you feel and act, such as cleaning your friend’s room. Dust, stains, and spider webs can all be eliminated from the space. The advantage is that you can obtain rainwater by performing various jobs, which you can use to enhance the appearance of the space.

Talk and touch

You can converse and touch your pal in the basement Rainy Attic Room game to get to know one another better. In the game, you can converse with your friend and listen to his narrative to assist him in overcoming his sadness.

Order food and do other things

You can place meal orders for your friends to foster more familiarity in this game. You can order different kinds of meals by doing this every hour. You can buy clothing and other goods by shopping.

Download Rainy Attic Room APK

You can freely assist your friend in overcoming his depression by organising the space, conversing, and other methods in the Rainy Attic Room App to-do list.



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