Royal Match APK 15285

Royal Match APK 15285

Download the most recent version of Royal Match APK and take part in a unique match-3 puzzle experience! The King (Robert) will enlist your assistance in decorating his huge castle.

In-Depth Description of Royal Match APK

The puzzle-adventure game Royal Match APK is provided by Dream Games Limited. It tests your ability to solve problems and receive rewards. After that, you’ll make use of your winnings to assist King Robert in remodelling and furnishing his castle.

The swipe and match controls are simple and perfect for new users. Aside from that, the game has captivating graphics, evocative sound effects, and engaging gameplay.

Thousands of Puzzles

Are repetitive games with the same old gameplay mechanics getting old to you? If so, you must discover Royal Match APK’s vibrancy. It has intriguing riddles that will keep your mind occupied for a long time.

You must match three or more things that are the same type in order to solve each puzzle. As soon as you do, they will vanish and you will receive rewards.

Although the problems seem simple in the beginning levels, they will gradually become more difficult as you go. As a result, get ready to challenge your brain in new ways and solve riddles.


Unlock New Areas

You can purchase furnishings, artwork, and other things you’ll need for the restoration with the prizes. Then, new regions of the castle will be accessible using these things.

You will be able to access the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and more. For the king’s blessing, make sure to furnish each room with the finest goods.

Lots of Collectible


These are the standard prizes you can earn for nearly every problem you solve. They are the keys to unlocking in-app purchases.

Extra Boosters

When you run into trouble when trying to solve a challenge, they will be helpful. You can utilise them to get rid of obstacles or to clear the entire board.

Surprising Awards

By accomplishing various activities throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to get a surprise award. They are incredibly random and unpredictable, which makes them even more thrilling.

For greater success, make sure you gather as much as you can. Only by doing this will you be able to assist the king in quickly remodelling his castle.

Compete with Millions of Players

There is a competition involved in this game in addition to puzzle-solving. Your objective is to prevail against millions of other gamers from around the world as you compete against them. You can participate in a variety of tournaments to win rewards, including

The King’s Cup

Only the best players are eligible for this tournament, which is the most prestigious. To enter this tournament, you must complete as many riddles as you can. It is worthwhile because of the financial rewards.

The Sky Race

You must gather as many objects as you can during the tournament’s allotted period. Your odds of winning increase as you accumulate more.

The Team Battle

You’ll be competing against other players from across the world in this team competition. To defeat your competitors, you must work together to solve problems and collect more rewards.

Lightning Rush

You must complete as many riddles as you can in a brief, furious tournament that moves quickly. The benefits are pretty plentiful.


The puzzle game Royal Match is rewarding and difficult at the same time. You can play without an online connection offline and there are many tournaments with significant awards. Start your mission to save the king by downloading it right away.


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