Save the Doge APK

Save the Doge APK

Play puzzle games frequently? It’s a task to save the dog from the stinging bees in the entertaining puzzle game Save the Doge APK. To save him, draw a line.

Download Save the Doge APK – Protect the Dog

The most common type of pet worldwide is a dog. Because of their nature, they are regarded as man’s best friend. The goal of the game Save the Doge is to get players to protect the dog from a bee onslaught.

Bee stings are generally not dangerous, but they can be rather uncomfortable. Dogs might experience hilarious facial swelling as a result.

Simply draw a circle around it and then save doge, that’s all there is to it. You can only draw a certain number of lines in this puzzle game.

An Analysis of Save the Doge

Due to their popularity as pets, dogs are found everywhere. Bees, however, are one of their worst adversaries because they inflate their face. Although the bees are merely playing a harmless joke on their owners, this is not good for the owners.

So in Save the Doge from the Bees, it’s your responsibility to save the dog. In order to advance through the game’s several levels, you must protect the dog from bee stings.

Simply drawing a line to protect the dog from bee attacks is the game’s only objective. The player decides where to draw the line, but the lower the line, the bigger the score.

Draw Lines to Save the Dog

In the game Save the Doge, your goal is to use just lines to protect the dog from the bees. There are many different types of line puzzles, but this one elevates the genre. Saving the dog from being stung by the bees that will emerge from the beehive is the only objective. But if there isn’t a hole, the line will keep the dog safe.

The drawing you’re making is as correctly recognised by the game as possible. It will, however, not adhere to any surface, and will fall with realistic physics. To pass a level in the game, you only need to hold on for 10 seconds. Do you feel you can handle the challenge?


Challenging Levels

Many of the levels in Save the Doge are difficult and raise the stakes. The first level is the simplest, with the dog simply standing on a level surface and the beehive overhead. In this situation, you can simply draw a line above the dog’s head because the ground will shield it.

Simple Controls

Playing the puzzle game Save the Doge is simple and intuitive. Simply swiping your palm across the screen in any direction will allow you to draw a line, which is all you need to do to play. Once the queue has settled, you must wait to see if it will function or not.

Considering that the game is in three dimensions, the animations and effects are also fun. The interactive puzzle game you’re playing right now is enjoyable.

Download Save the Doge APK – latest version

Do you feel like solving a puzzle online? Download Save the Doge to protect the dog from bees.


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