Save The Girl APK 1.4.7

Save The Girl APK 1.4.7

Download the most recent version of Save The Girl APK for Android and test your saving prowess against various obstacles in this game! Are you capable of succeeding?

The mobile gaming market has been dominated by casual games in recent years. They are the most widely used option among many gamers because they are simple to design and play. Additionally, the vast majority of games available now fall into the casual category.

One such game is Lion Studios’ Save The Girl. There have been over 10 million downloads of this game, despite its apparent simplicity! Make the best decision each time to save the girl in this game, which offers a very straightforward gameplay. There are only two options, and the story will move forward if you choose well. Many people have been hankering after this fun and easy game. Would you like to learn more? Continue reading!

What is Save The Girl?

Just by reading the title, you can get a glimpse of the gist of this game. The task is simple – save the girl! The story starts with a girl kidnapped by the Mafia. She is taken to a place far from her home and tied up in a small and dark room. This is how where the story starts. In this game, there are over 100 missions all revolving around the main theme of saving the girl as she escapes the bad guys. In this game, you don’t have to fight the bad guys with weapons or anything. You just need to make the right choice in determining the correct object to use to escape certain situations.

Even while it may seem straightforward, things could suddenly get intriguing because the options might no longer be evident. This is where things start to get tricky and difficult for you as a player. You must make a decision if you want the story to move forward; else, you will have to start a level over from scratch.

Although it is possible to return to the location where you were last by paying gold or watching a video commercial. To avoid losing your progress, you should carefully consider your options before making any decisions. Overall, this game is straightforward but difficult, keeping you on your toes the entire time. You must not miss it.

Features of Save The Girl

Interactive gameplay

When we say interactive gameplay, this game doesn’t feel like a game at all. Rather, this is more like a live-action story where the viewer can choose the choices to progress the game. There’s nothing more satisfying or annoying than having your choices directly affect the story. So be sure to think clearly before making any choices. You soon might regret it!


Many levels

The number of levels in this game was previously specified. If you make the incorrect decision, the level’s beginning will be reached. It’s that difficult. The options are clear at first; if the female was tied and you had a choice between a lighter and a pair of scissors, which one would you use? You mean the scissors? Afterward, you’ll notice that the decisions are getting harder and less clear as you go along. Without making a mistake, not even once, you cannot advance. This game really is that challenging. Before making a decision, you should exercise careful thought because not all logical decisions are the best ones. In this game, before making any decisions, you must think like a detective.

Great graphics

Everyone will like the simplistic, cartoonish graphics of this game. Consider some of your favorite Family Guy or American Dad cartoons. The visuals remind me of those cartoons. You can tell by the characters’ facial features that humour was a major consideration when creating them. When you choose items to aid the girl in escaping, you are also treated to beautiful effects that you can see. Overall, this game is exceptional because of its simplicity.

Easy controls 

It’s possible to state that Save The Girl has no controls at all. This is because selecting an object to advance the plot only requires a tap. Unlike other action games, you don’t need to memorize any complicated control methods. This is what makes this game straightforward and fun. Overall, the gameplay in this game is highly engaging because to the simplistic aesthetics and straightforward control mechanism.

Interesting story

As was already mentioned, the game begins with you rescuing the girl from a pitch-black room. You must choose wisely to get her as far away from danger as you can as the Mafia kidnapped her for an unknown reason. Making the appropriate decisions advances the game’s plot. Additionally, the story is not straightforward. It is chock full of amusing stories, exciting adventures, and explosive moments. As the story unfolds, you’ll start to feel hungry again.

Tips for Playing Save The Girl

The beginning of Save The Girl is quite straightforward. You are given options that sound reasonable and obvious ways to mess up your game. Then you’ll quickly realize that none of your decisions will make any sense, and it will be too late. Here are some suggestions for avoiding those times:

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