Super Stick Fight All Star APK 3.8

Super Stick Fight All Star APK 3.8

Play any fighting games these days? You can experience a vast character system, a variety of characters, exciting stages, and endless combat!

You may see a lot of anime shows today that are focused on combat. Since there are so many of these, they are known as Shonen and are currently the most watched series. If you’ve ever seen television, you’re probably familiar with popular anime series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach. These are regarded as the anime series that have influenced culture the most over the years. Download Super Stick Fight All Star right away to play a game with all these characters.

Onegame Global published this game, which is currently among the most played games. Numerous characters from the most well-known Shonen anime series in history may be found in this game. With this one, you can take pleasure in an entirely new plot that is packed with surprises and wicked characters. The villains from several alternate dimensions have been introduced into the globe by a diabolical organization. Today, you must battle to unlock numerous modes and characters.

An Epic Stickman Fighting Game

When we reflect on the past years of anime, we can notice several amazing programs. There have been a lot of exciting fights and action sequences, as well as amazing tales. There have been numerous shows produced over the years that are still available for our enjoyment. You can experience well-known characters and abilities in Super Stick Fight All Star as you battle the evil forces bent on destroying the earth! You can now take advantage of a number of battle techniques and modes in this game.

Although there are numerous fighting games available today, anime combat shows are undoubtedly some of the greatest. These video games feature our favorite anime characters and the fighting prowess we enjoy seeing. More than anything else, we enjoy watching heroes defeat evil the most. You may watch a number of current anime series in Super Stick Fight All Star, a combat game! Along with a variety of other modes, this one offers a comprehensive story mode.

The versus mode, survival challenge, PVP mode, training mode, and many others are available as well.


Super Stick Fight All Star Features

Numerous incredible battles have been added to the history of anime over the years. Enjoy a fresh fighting game with Super Stick Fight All Star

Exciting Fighting Game

Fighting is a common occurrence in recent movies and television shows. You can’t just fight anyone in the real world unless it’s a match or part of your employment. However, it’s always interesting to observe in movies and anime programs, regardless of the subject. Super Stick Fight All Star allows you to fight to your heart’s delight right now! This stickman fighting game includes all of the current top Shonen anime series.

Numerous characters from numerous programs, including Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, One Punch Man, and others, can be unlocked here. You have the opportunity to engage in combat with a variety of other characters today in the Story Mode. Now, you

Unlock 142 Heroes

We can unlock 142 heroes in total, which is what makes this game so incredible! These include Goku, Majinbu, Argon, Sasuke, Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy, and many other well-known characters. Even though the names are a little different, you can still tell who they are even though they don’t have faces. These stick figures have special attack, defense, level, rank, and energy. You can benefit from their special abilities as well. The ability to level up your characters and increase their strength is the most vital. You can still evolve them so they can display their amazing abilities.

Enjoyable Game Modes

There are numerous game modes available here. Playing the primary one, which is the Story Mode, is enjoyable. You’ll go through numerous chapters, each with a number of levels. You’ll love the enjoyable surprises that await you along the journey. Next, you can try playing against other characters in Versus Mode. Additionally, there is Training Mode and the Battle Royale-like Survival Challenge.

Diverse combat skill

Each character has a wide range of combat abilities here. Enjoy a variety of skills today, including the Roar of the God, X beam, Thunder Flash, and Dragon Sword! Use your abilities right now.

Super Stick Fight All Star APK – Latest version

Enjoy today’s fun battles and expansive character system! Get Super Stick Fight All Star right away.

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