They Are Coming APK 1.17.0

They Are Coming APK 1.17.0

Playing in a game with zombies is always entertaining. You will only engage in shooting at zombies in They Are Coming. Invest in better weaponry and have fun

Zombies are a fictional species that are frequently exploited in modern movies, television shows, and video games. You can expect a lot of action, drama, and shooting when zombies are involved. They make the ideal enemies in games where players may enjoy shooting them as they run because of this. Play They Are Coming right away if you’re still looking for a good zombie shooting game.

What will you do if you come across zombies today while driving? You can shoot them in this game since they respawn continuously. There are numerous weapons at your disposal, along with traps to keep them out. Play this survival and shooting game right now as waves of zombies approach you. To get to safety, you only need to shoot at them and keep them at away. Go kill zombies and have fun today.

Zombie Shooting and Survival

Zombies are fanciful, undead creatures, as we are well aware. They were formerly human beings who were turned into zombies after being bitten by a different virus. Zombies have been a very popular subject for movies, television shows, and video games over the years. Because of their popularity, they have now kind of merged into our culture and are widely seen. Even though they are fictional, they are nevertheless very frightening.

Your foes in They Are Coming are zombies, and there are a lot of them. You’ll encounter hordes of zombies every day and have to shoot them with a variety of weapons. Shotguns, sniper rifles, handguns, assault weapons, SMGs, and suits are available for purchase here. Additionally, you can purchase traps and hammers to keep them away from you. Purchase melee weapons right away to enable you to avoid zombies even at close range.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter harder and more zombie waves each day. However, what matters is that you love it and have a great time murdering them. Ragdoll physics and vintage pixel art are featured in this game.

They Are Coming Highlights

Shoot Zombies

Now that we are so used to seeing zombies everywhere, we have grown accustomed to them. They are now so prevalent in mainstream culture that we can find them on t-shirts, mugs, and video games. As a result, we love playing zombie games like the brand-new They Are Coming from OnHit.Dev. You can combat zombies in this game, which combines shooting and defense. Enjoy using only your tenacity and weapons to repel zombie waves.

Zombie Shooting and Defense

Numerous enjoyable shooting zombie games with 3D visuals and action are available. These games have been played so frequently throughout the years that most people are sick of them. Due of this, this game combines both shooting and defense into one wild and exciting experience. This one lets you barricade yourself using traps like roadblocks, stones, and many more while shooting attackers from a distance. By shooting them, keep the undead from getting too close.

Buy Weapons 

Zombies are difficult to kill undead creatures. Guns are one of the best tools to use against them because of this. You can purchase a wide variety of weapons in this game, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols. The Mac-11, Glock17, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, double-barreled shotgun, and other weapons are numerous throughout the game. In addition, melee weapons like the baseball bat, battle knife, crowbar, and others are available for equipping.


Traps and Skills

You can purchase additional skills in this game, including kick training, speed training, strength training, and many others. Additionally, you can set up traps in your path, including numerous obstructions and others. In order to avoid dying soon, you can also equip first aid.

Ragdoll physics and pixel graphics

Ragdoll physics and pixel art are used in the entertaining video game They Are Coming. You can play this classic zombie shooter and defensive game.

Download They Are Coming APK

Keep your guard up as more zombies enter the area because They Are Coming! Use traps and weapons to combat them.

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