Tie Dye APK

Tie Dye APK

Free Tie Dye APK latest version download for Android. Create unique tie-dye apparel by playing the entertaining simulator game.

Discover the tie-dye fashion sector to help you start your own company. In this fantastic simulator game, you may combine various paint tones and hues to make vibrant clothing. In the end, you decide what your designs will be and how you will choose to use colours.

For their own unique custom-made apparel, a large number of buyers are waiting with cash in hand. Are you certain that you can meet everyone’s needs?

Install Tie Dye for Android right away if you believe you can handle the market.

How to Play

The game is really simple to use. You’ll receive a variety of customer orders every day. A certain shirt colour will be requested by each buyer. Now it’s up to you to design what you desire.

Your shirt will be evaluated based on three important factors.


The quality of the shirt’s design is evaluated by creativity. You will score higher in this category if you experiment more with your designs. It’s probably the simplest category to score in, to be really honest.



Your ability to arrange the colours in your palette to produce an eye-catching article of apparel is a testament to your talent. You should do well in this category as long as you maintain a vivid imagination and an open mind.


The real colour will be the last criterion used to assess your performance. Your performance in this category will be graded on how well the colours work together, depending on the specified colour. Make sure to adhere to their specific colour requests. If not, you might not receive a very high final score.

The game is still fairly simple to control in terms of controls and user interface. You can manage all of your different actions with simple tap, hold, and swiping gestures.

Dying Process

It’s not that tough to comprehend how tie dye is actually made. Due in large part to the fact that the game even guides you through the procedure, anyone may grasp it.

You must first wrap your garment in order to make the overall pattern. To achieve the tie-dyed impression of stretched colour, keep them wrapped up.

You can then begin to spray the mixture with each of your various paints. A word of caution: you can combine different colours to create more stranger or more amazing results. Try experimenting with every possible combination of colours. By doing so, you may evaluate how far your designs can go. To earn a high score, see what you can and cannot get away with.

Last but not least, you must soak your clothes. They can be given a dyed effect by soaking them. You should then have a piece of tie-dyed apparel that is flawlessly constructed.

After receiving a high score, you will receive a sizable payment. The money you make can be used to buy a lot more resources and tools.


Additionally, a professional 3D art style is used to offer the game to users. For the game’s theme, everything looks good and appropriate. A delight for the eyes, the quality is also in HD.

Tie Dye APK Free Download

The most recent APK version is also available for download if you want to take use of all its original features. Save a lot more mobile data while also enjoying a more stable and efficient file size. You can download a tonne more games and apps to your mobile thanks to a quick & simple download.

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