Urban City Stories APK 1.3.0

Urban City Stories APK 1.3.0

Obtain the most recent version of Urban metropolis Stories APK for Android for free if you wish to depart from the ordinary and explore a brand-new metropolis loaded with adorable objects.

The mobile gaming market is being dominated by simulation games. From lesser known ones rising to fame to the hugely renowned The Sims series. But why are these games so well-liked? Is it the simplicity itself? the vivid graphics? The narrative they portray? or any combination of the aforementioned?

What is Urban City Stories?

You’d enjoy this one if you’ve played the well-known simulation series The Sims. Similar gameplay is used in Urban City Stories, where you manage your daily activities. But since you’re in charge in this game, you can pick anybody you want to use!

Anyone in the city can be a banker, a police officer, a father, or anything else. The decision is yours, but you might also decide to live every city resident’s life for a day. There are no rules in this simulation game since it is one. Simply play however you’d like, and you’re ready to go! Your imagination is your sole constraint in this game.

Features of Urban City Stories

Free play mode

Urban City Stories, in contrast to other simulation games, has a free play mode where you are free to roam the city. It makes sense for most video games to have a plot. However, there are no overarching plotlines in Urban City Stories because the game encourages you to make up your own. This implies that you can be anything you want to be, whether it’s a police officer, a driver, a businessman, a family man, etc. You establish your own regulations because it’s your city!

Epic 3D graphics

The breathtaking 3D graphics are what set this game apart. Everything is well-detailed and works as you would expect. Even so, you’ll be taken aback by how everything is made. The effects, food, dishes, and other small details all come together to provide an incredibly great gaming experience. To be able to escape the real world and live in a place where your imagination is more essential is often exactly what people need.

Loads of characters

There are 30 different characters in Urban City Stories that you can completely personalise. You can experiment with different clothing designs, skin and hair colours, and hairstyles on them. You may generate countless combinations in this game, so you’ll never run out of styles to create. As a result, this game is ideal for budding fashion designers to practise and improve their skills. Beyond that, though, each character in this metropolis has a certain function to play, and you can dress them accordingly. But you may do whatever you want since it’s your city.


Awesome locations

They’ve thought of everything from police stations, banks, streets, parks, houses, and supermarkets, and everything is designed and detailed very well so you’ll really feel like you have your own city. You’ll notice all the little details that the game has for every location you’ll go such as the street lights, ovens, cars, and more. You can stay in one location at a time or you can go to several different locations at once.

Camera mode

Your own memories and enjoyable events are what this game is all about. There are those amazing times that you wish would never end. In those circumstances, you can use the Camera feature to record these memories and look back on them. You might even give them to your friends so you can all play this fantastic game together. Alternately, you could simply try on various costumes and photograph each one to create a collection right away! Amazing, isn’t that?

Easy controls 

Everything is easily controllable because this is a simulation game! Most of the time, it is as simple as drag & drop or tapping! To set your controls perfectly, you don’t need to worry with the settings. Everything is simple to understand, so you can start playing immediately! Even if you’re just getting started, it won’t take you long to figure out that the controls are just as simple as the gameplay.

Unique gameplay

Some of the most original gaming you’ll ever see may be found in Urban City Stories. This game will have you captivated for hours, even though it’s a simulation! There is no central plot, thus you can theoretically pursue a huge number of storylines.

Urban City Stories APK

You may play Urban City Stories, a fantastic city simulation game, for a very long time. Only city streets, two indoor places, and 10 characters are available in the free mode. You must pay for it in order to unlock the remaining content. Fortunately, you can simply download the full version and play as much as you like.


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